RONAL Bathrooms Concept "Space"

Saving space and living space - both is possible with this concept which shows how to optimize a bathroom solution, even if located in unconventional spaces, with a high-end solution where aesthetics and functionality coexist perfectly. This concept expresses itself with reduced depth modules to create a boiserie solution that further highlights the space optimization and can also integrate daily functional areas. The shower area is once again smart, comfortable and energy/water-saving sustainable.



CATINO | Freestanding washbasin

The iconic freestanding washbasin by KAROL combines original materials to narrate a story deeply rooted in Italian craftsmanship. Its base in Cotto harmonizes with a Catino washbasin available in Natural Stone, Bianco Carrara, or Nero Marquina, enhancing the product's beauty and reinforcing its connection to traditional Italian artistry.

ALMAZA space | Modular bathroom furniture

The option for a modular solution presents the opportunity to transform the bathroom space into a "walk-in closet" concept, integrating a functional boiserie that seamlessly incorporates the washbasin and WC area. This configuration offers both open and closed storage modules with reduced depth for efficient organization. Additionally, functional columns provide dedicated space for laundry and wardrobe items. These columns feature internal lighting, as do the hanging modules of the functional boiserie, accentuating the proposal's elegance and functionality.

PINNACLE8 | Shower enclosure ULTIMATE | Shower tray INMAN I InSens I The new generation shower

PINNACLE8 I Shower enclosure: The frameless level access enclosures maximize space and light in bathrooms. They offer level access to the showering space, suitable for multi-generational households. Available finishes include chrome, matte black, and brushed brass.


ULTIMATE I Shower tray
Lightweight, recuttable shower trays with non-slip surface. 4 flow positions, 19 sizes, 5 finishes, matching trap cover grille.


INMAN Insens
InSens by Inman: The first intelligent, digital shower with an ecological focus. It offers:

ECOLOGICAL: 70% less water usage, temperature adjustment without waste, and 50% less energy for hot water production.

DIGITAL: 10 customizable user profiles, a mobile application, and a touchscreen interface with a color LCD display.

SMART: Instant warm water, precise temperature control, and shower programs for relaxation and vitality. Combining comfort, design, and environmental respect.