Whirlpool Bathtubs

Bathtubs with innovative whirlpool systems that successfully combine elegant design and excellent performance


All designer bathtubs from GLASS 1989 are stylish and elegant and impress with their comfort and durability.

Multifunctional Showers

The multifunctional showers from GLASS 1989 in various designs and sizes combine hot water, hydromassage jets and steam in compact spaces.


Finnish sauna, bio sauna or infrared sauna: Glass 1989 offers a wide variety of saunas for home use as well as for wellness centres: from compact saunas with standard sizes to customised models in shape and size.


A wide range of Indoor- and Outdoor SPA’s for both, domestic and professional use.


Customised hammam solutions from GLASS 1989 that meet all technical and aesthetic requirements

Modular Compositions

The two modular wellness solutions Chillout and Skyfall Combi from GLASS 1989 can be combined and customised in a variety of ways.
Both combination solutions are suitable for domestic and professional wellness areas.