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RONAL Bathrooms Concept "Wellness"

A wellness space which includes sauna, hammam and wellness bathtub, for a complete experience, that can fit both, professional spas and private homes. The spa elements are accompanied by the intelligent and smart shower solution INMAN Insens which controls and saves both energy and water usage sustainably. The single-piece freestanding wellness bathtub is characterized by its unique shape and an emotional perimeter light on the bottom. This wellness concept is a perfect example of made to measure and customized wellness solutions, to fully match our customers' expectations and requirements.

Chillout with INMAN InSens

Chillout Sauna with Grey Slate and black painted ayous finishes

CHILLOUT | Sauna module

The performance of the Chillout sauna is optimized by innovative cork insulation, a natural and eco-sustainable material known for its excellent insulating properties. Its clean design is further enhanced by the integration of a bench-integrated stove. Each Chillout sauna is made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for any space, and is available in various finishes to suit individual preferences.

CHILLOUT I Hammam module

Featuring a compact steam generator conveniently accommodated inside the bench, the Chillout hammam ensures an efficient and comfortable steam experience. Each hammam is made to measure, offering a perfect fit for any space, and is available in a range of finishes to suit diverse preferences.

CHILLOUT | Modular wellness composition with  INMAN I InSens

Chillout features an incredibly versatile modular solution, offering numerous composition possibilities. It consists of three modules: HAMMAM, SHOWER (or SHOWER&STEAM) and SAUNA. Designed for wall, corner, or niche installation, Chillout provides flexibility to adapt the modules to the architectural requirements of any room. Additionally, it includes the innovative Inman Insens: The first intelligent, digital shower with an ecological vocation. It combines comfort, design, and respect for the environment.