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Module Four-Panel Shower Cabin by RONAL

RONAL Modul 1200

The MODUL 1200 by RONAL, is an innovative solution for all bathroom needs. Comprising a variety of components, this system enables the creation of a shower cabin tailored to your preferences.


With a standard height of 2030 mm, inclusive of the shower tray, this cabin offers ample space for a refreshing shower experience.


Crafted from toughened safety glass with a 6 mm thickness, the rear panels boast an integrated Aquaperle glass finish, simplifying maintenance. Available in five sizes and three fundamental shapes—square, rectangular, and quarter-circle round—the MODUL 1200 offers versatility to suit diverse bathroom layouts.


For precise temperature regulation, two thermostat systems are at your disposal, ensuring optimal comfort during each shower session. The shower tray, constructed from fiberglass-reinforced acrylic and boasting  a height of 150 mm, guarantees both comfort and longevity.


Additionally, the RONAL MODUL 1200 can be customized with doors from the ARELIA series, offering additional flexibility to tailor your shower cabin to your preferences.