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Made by RONAL Bathrooms

RONAL Bathrooms units four brands sharing the same passion for technology, craftsmanship, and design guaranteeing high product quality. The product brands of RONAL Bathrooms, RONAL, GLASS 1989, KUDOS and KAROL are committed to the same high quality standard in all production sites.

RONAL Production

Best of manufacturing processes and quality standards

2020, the main RONAL production site in Jičín, Czech Republic, with focus shower enclosures, had been significantly enlarged into a modern production and logistics complex. The new multifunctional hall is an important step in fulfilling the long-term strategic intention of RONAL Bathrooms, which is to maximize the efficiency of productions, storages and complete logistics systems. In addition, the state-of-the-art technical equipment of the new hall brings further improvement of the quality of all manufactured products and related services for customers across Europe.


RONAL products fulfill the highest demands on technology, functionality, comfort and design. Consistent compliance with product quality is monitored by means of regular testing and testing procedures. The selection of high-quality materials, careful processing in modern manufacturing processes as well as a consequent improvement ensure the recognized high quality level of all products of the RONAL brand, former SanSwiss.

GLASS 1989 Production

Private and semi-professional spa products, production Oderzo, Italy

Glass1989 is one of the pioneers in the wellness industry. Since 30 years GLASS 1989 uses its longterm know how and expertise to develop, design, engineer and manufacture distinctive and high quality wellness products with indoor and outdoor spas, saunas, steam baths, multifunctional showers, whirlpool and designer bathtubs.

KAROL "Handmade"

"Handmade” top quality and craftmanship in Tuscany, Italy

When it comes to products with outstanding standards of design and function, quality is often still a question of human craftsmanship. KAROL has always cultivated Italian craftsmanship with a special focus on contemporary design excellence and high manufacturing quality standards. Specialising in elegant, high-end bathroom furniture, the brand also offers bathtubs and washbasins. All KAROL products are designed and manufactured in Colle di Val D'Elsa, Italy.

KUDOS Shower Solutions

Engineered for perfection

KUDOS is the British brand of the RONAL Bathrooms family and high-quality manufacturer of shower doors, walk-ins, wetrooms and shower trays with innovative design and excellent engineering for its shower solutions. Excellence in engineering and the complete control over the components and manufacturing process are key when it comes to maintain the highest standards of quality. The two productions sites are situated in the Lake District, UK and South Africa, Cape Town.