EASY STR4P+STR4P+WPE - 2x Single fixed panel with adjustable profile

Dimensions Width Height
Standard STR4P: 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600 STR4P: 2000 WPE: 2000
Special STR4P: 300 - 1600 STR4P: 0 - 2000

Glass finish


Parsol Grey

Lines pattern


Vertical lines





Loft 89

Loft 90

Frame finish



Brushed gold

Silver gloss


Mounting manuals


(PDF) 2.5 MB


(PDF) 1.86 MB

Product images


(JPG) 11.98 MB


(JPG) 16.19 MB


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Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE-BTE2 on white background

(JPG) 738.4 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE-BTE2 on transperent background

(PNG) 10.9 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE-BTE2_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 714.89 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE-BTE2_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 10.38 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE-BTE2_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 687.65 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE-BTE2_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 10.34 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE on white background

(JPG) 709.63 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE on transperent background

(PNG) 9.14 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPES on white background

(JPG) 717.01 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPES on transperent background

(PNG) 8.98 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A20 on white background

(JPG) 700.52 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A20 on transperent background

(PNG) 7.67 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A20_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 688.11 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A20_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 7.33 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A20_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 669.78 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A20_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 7.34 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A61 on white background

(JPG) 1.58 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A61 on transperent background

(PNG) 12.26 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A62 on white background

(JPG) 1.13 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A62 on transperent background

(PNG) 9.09 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A67 on white background

(JPG) 1.7 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A67 on transperent background

(PNG) 12.02 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A68 on white background

(JPG) 910.01 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A68 on transperent background

(PNG) 9.22 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A68_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 905.39 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A68_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 9.08 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A68_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 871.66 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A68_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 9 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A69_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 768.52 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A69_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 7.35 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A69_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 698.16 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A69_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 7.09 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A72_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 789.53 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A72_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 8.92 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A72_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 706.19 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A72_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 8.78 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A73_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 838.25 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A73_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 9.05 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A73_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 716.45 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A73_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 8.9 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A75_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 863.94 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A75_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 9.1 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A75_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 729.53 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A75_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 8.95 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A76_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 804.46 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A76_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 7.89 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A76_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 710.68 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A76_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 7.65 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A79_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 731.81 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A79_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 8.82 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A79_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 675.95 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A79_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 8.75 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A81 on white background

(JPG) 771.62 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A81 on transperent background

(PNG) 5.03 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A81_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 771.11 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A81_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 4.92 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A81_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 743.54 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A81_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 4.86 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A89_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 863.94 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A89_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 9.1 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A89_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 729.53 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A89_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 8.95 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A90_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 731.81 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A90_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 8.82 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A90_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 675.95 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_A90_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 8.75 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 691.63 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 8.78 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_GOLD-BRUSHED on white background

(JPG) 764.19 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_GOLD-BRUSHED on transperent background

(PNG) 9.4 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_Japan on white background

(JPG) 2.47 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_Japan on transperent background

(PNG) 15.6 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_Japan_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 2.47 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_Japan_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 15.47 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_Japan_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 2.46 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_Japan_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 15.45 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_Lina on white background

(JPG) 1.24 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_Lina on transperent background

(PNG) 18.95 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_Lina_BLACK-LINE on white background

(JPG) 1.24 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_Lina_BLACK-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 18.93 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_Lina_GOLD-BRUSHED on white background

(JPG) 1.28 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_Lina_GOLD-BRUSHED on transperent background

(PNG) 19 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_WHITE-LINE on white background

(JPG) 669.44 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-STR4P-WPE_WHITE-LINE on transperent background

(PNG) 8.74 MB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-WPE-STR4PS_GOLD-BRUSHED on white background

(JPG) 777.04 KB

Ronal_EASY_STR4P-WPE-STR4PS_GOLD-BRUSHED on transperent background

(PNG) 9.26 MB

Spare parts


(PDF) 403.9 KB

Characteristics of the model range EASY


Standard height 2000 mm


Quality conforms to EN 14428:2008+A1 standard


Aquaperle anti-plaque glass treatment


Available in black mat


Available in white mat


Available in brushed gold

Product characteristics STR4P


10 glass finishes


8 mm safety glass


Width to 1600 mm


Special sizes available


Left or right mounting


Stabilizer bar or vertical support included


Comfortable, wide entrance

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