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Sanswiss is investing in INMAN

Press Release

SanSwiss, European manufacturer of shower enclosures, shower trays and other bathroom products, is investing in smart-home solutions for sustainable shower and bathroom concepts from INMAN. The first innovative shower concept from the French start-up company INMAN is already being in operation in a number of projects and not only provides a smart and therefore particularly comfortable shower experience, but also reduces water consumption up to 70 percent and energy consumption up to 50 percent

Härkingen/Gunzgen 4 September 2023

With the participation at IMMAN, SanSwiss sets the course for smart and sustainable shower and bathroom concepts of the next generation, which control efficient water and energy use and drastically reduce consumption.

Olivier Gunther and Sebastian Hainz, Co-General Directors of SanSwiss are pleased about the agreed partnership and participation with INMAN, the start-up company from Strasbourg and point out the great potentials of INMAN's innovative and smart shower and bathroom solutions. Sebastian Hainz, SanSwiss Managing Director Sales and Marketing:

"Smart and low-consumption products are very important, especially in the bathroom. The bathroom accounts for around one-third to one-half of the water consumption per household every day2.  The end customer wants to make an active contribution to the responsible use of scarce resources in his home, preferably without sacrificing comfort, of course.

With INMAN's sustainable and intelligent shower concept, we offer our customers the perfect solution: by up to 70 percent less water consumption and 50 percent lower energy consumption for every shower. The ideal temperature and amount of water can be conveniently set in advance using a digital pad or smartphone. We are excited about further smart developments for the bathroom and are convinced that with INMAN we are well equipped for the smart and low-consumption bathroom equipment of the future."

Managing Director and CEO Gilles Chantelot INMAN affirms, "We are delighted to have a strong partner for shower and bathroom equipment on board with SanSwiss."

Other sustainable SMART projects for the bathroom are in development. For example, a smart bathtub is being planned that will allow users to program their bath to the desired temperature using their smartphone.

"We estimate that a family of four can save ?400 to ?500 a year in the shower alone. There is further potential for savings in the faucet, the bathtub and the toilet. This proves that the use of innovative technology can offer greater comfort and at the same time help protect our natural resources," sums up CEO Gilles Chantelot of INMAN.


Founded in 2016 by Cédric Arbogast and Gilles Chantelot, the Alsacian start-up INMAN designs and markets innovative smart fittings for the bathroom. IMMAN's products are developed and manufactured in France.


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