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InSens by INMAN

Press Release

RONAL Bathrooms is partner and shareholder of the French start-up company INMAN for sustainable smart-home shower and bathroom concepts. The innovative shower concept InSens from INMAN will be presented by RONAL Bathrooms at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Härkingen/Gunzgen 28 February 2024

RONAL Bathrooms and INMAN are answering the need of smart and water saving solutions in bathroom and wellness areas and present the sustainable and intelligent shower concept InSens, that controls the efficient use of water and energy and drastically reduces consumption. InSens from INMAN will be presented by RONAL Bathrooms in the new RONAL Bathrooms compositions at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, 16 April.

The smart-home shower concept InSens: Controls and saves energy and water consumption sustainably

InSens not only reduces water consumption up to 70 percent and energy consumption up to 50 percent for every shower1, but also provides a smart and therefore particularly comfortable shower experience. The ideal temperature and amount of water can be conveniently set in advance using a digital pad or smartphone.

The InSens shower concept ensures comfort and a significant reduction in water consumption thanks to various intelligent functions:

From its digital control interface, fully functional in wet areas, the user can control all the functions of the InSens shower. Thanks to its patented electronic mixer tap, the user can obtain the desired temperature and flow rate of the shower water to be achieved with the very first drops of water after starting the shower. On average, it takes 20 to 30 seconds to get hot water with a conventional shower system and that is 6-8 liters of unnecessarily used drinking water heated with electricity.

In addition, the water flow is stopped as soon as the user moves away from the jet of the hand or overhead shower. This is where the motion sensor comes into play. The motion sensor is integrated in the digital control interface and recognizes the user or users set up. Up to10 users of a shower can be individually set up and controlled. The ideal temperature and water volume can be conveniently set in advance for each user individually using the digital control interface or smartphone. The water consumption is displayed directly in real time on the LCD color screen while showering.

InSens' intelligent regulation technology ensures flow control, temperature regulation and stability, as well as moderating flow rates, whatever the installation conditions are.
Space-saving, the hydraulics box from InSens can be recessed into the shower space and can also be installed in a false ceiling, under a bathtub or in a suitable furniture.

InSens from INMAN will be presented by RONAL Bathrooms in the new RONAL Bathrooms compositions at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, 16 April, Hall 06, Stand D25.

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Note: Water and energy required for the domestic hot water production and active water recovery. Figures according to technical studies and observations in the field tests of INMAN


Founded in 2016 by Cédric Arbogast and Gilles Chantelot, the Alsacian start-up INMAN designs and markets innovative smart fittings for the bathroom. IMMAN's products are developed and manufactured in France.


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