KAROL – Italian craftmanship and design excellence for bathroom furniture, bathtubs and washbassins

KAROL has always cultivated Italian craftsmanship with a special focus on contemporary design excellence and high manufacturing quality standards. Specialising in elegant, high-end bathroom furniture, the brand also offers bathtubs and washbasins. All KAROL products are designed and manufactured in Colle di Val D'Elsa, Italy.


KAROL aims at decorating the bathroom with style and elegance as well as with personality and functionality. When it comes to products with outstanding standards of design and function, quality is often still a question of human craftsmanship. Since its foundation in 1980, Karol has been recognized for its Italian high craftmanship and its outstanding quality standards. The focus on quality is driving the whole production process, starting from the raw material and the component selection to some very specific processes that enhance the quality outcome on the products, such as the handmade polishing on the raw material before lacquering to the final lacquering process itself.